HydroFill PRO Battery Water Cart with Deioniser, Timer & Watering Gun

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The most intelligent and versatile method available for watering batteries.  HydroFill PRO is powered by a 12V battery, with a universal charger and has a large 60Ltr capacity. It has an integrated tactile screen with PH reading, run times, volumes and battery life. The CRT-30T comes with a PS-600 and connections to instantly turn the HydroFill Pro into a mobile battery water deioniser. 

Got better things to do than watch a cart fill? This option includes a timer!! 

Save on $100's of dollars on watering systems with the Gun-X auto-stop watering gun.


CRT-30C - Deioniser (PS-600) + Flow Restrictor (CRT-E209)

CRT-30T - Deioniser (PS-600) + Flow Restrictor + Timer (CRT-E208)

CRT-30XC - Auto-stop Watering Gun (GUN-X) + GUN-Adaptor (CRT-E210) + Deioniser (PS-600) + Flow Restrictor (CRT-E209)

CRT-30XT - Auto-stop Watering Gun (GUN-X) + GUN-Adaptor (CRT-E210) + Deioniser (PS-600) + Flow Restrictor + Timer (CRT-E208)

Note the output hose has a connector for standard float systems and the pump stops automatically so there is no need to use a GUN-A or GUN-607.

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