AFS Valve (Asian) 1/8 Turn (Pack of 150)

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AFS - Aqua Filling System. The universal watering system that fits all cell heights by utilising a unique adjustable float so one this valve is always the right size valve, as opposed to always having stock on many different sizes of floats.  Fast fitting times with push fit tubing which does away with fiddly and frustrating collars.  Valves snap into the vent well and rotate for ease of installation of the tubing. Furthermore, the transparent body and bright indicator make monitoring water input easy.  Integrates with existing float based water supplies with standard coupling types and tubing sizes.

Includes adapters for 1/8 Turn Asian vents, either AFS-011 (clear) or AFS-005 (black rubber).

Order tube (AFS-T500), end stop (AFS-003-BK) and input assembly (AFS-IA01-BK with spinner/filter or AFS-IA03-BK without spinner/filter).
Every PS valve quality checked.